Back in 2012 a local educational center hired NacreData to put together a little interactive demo showing waves. At the time they wanted it in Flash, and one of our employees did the work, producing this file:

Today, of course, Flash is very out-of-date, and won't work for them on the new Chromebooks they are using with their kids. They need it converted to/re-created in something more modern, something JavaScript based.

Our employee has long-since moved away to California and I don't think either of us have the original files. I did find this app which allowed me to open and use the .swf file on my mac:

Using that and QuickTime, I made a screen-capture movie demonstrating what it is and what it's supposed to be able to do. I saved my little demo video in few different formats:

Google found me a few pages which suggest it's possible to make animated waves using d3.js, and I would guess it's just a couple of steps from there to make it interactive in the sense of being able to tweak the parameters, as in the original Flash.

Interested in taking this on? Great!

Please just email me (Devin) your contact info, a quote for the project, an estimated timeline, and a link to something fun you've done with JavaScript recently. I'll want to be able to understand the code, so please include a few comments around anything non-obvious, and it would probably be best to check in as you do the work, so we can show some early drafts to client just to be sure we're all on the same page.

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