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CompostNC/SC Farm

Patient sign-out is considered the most dangerous procedure in the practice of medicine. With up to 80 percent of serious medical errors involving miscommunication during handoffs, we have designed AirSignout specifically for iOS 7 to decrease vulnerability and provide high reliability to the physician sign out process.

AirSignout is a practical quality assurance tool intended to help standardize handoff communication and not to be used as part of the medical record. It's functionality and clean UI provide a secure and convenient means to manage beds and record patient information involving key issues and safety concerns, time stamped notes, and clinical photographs relevant to patient safety.

Sign-out data can be securely exported from AirSignout via email, iMessage or AirDrop using a password protected 128 bit encryption, providing information that can be reviewed as a check-list & communication tool during the sign out process. Your entire list can be securely transferred to your entire team at once using AirDrop. This means a list can be continually updated or revised without having to re-enter data.

AirSignout is the Ultimate solution for standardizing the sign-out process. It can be used in any scenario involving the need for a secure and safe sign out.

"Compost" is a calculator utility designed to help household composters achieve an optimal mix. A well functioning compost decomposes at a good rate and does not smell bad. To achieve the proper environment, experts recommend a Carbon:Nitrogen ratio somewhere around 25 to 30 parts carbon to 1 part nitrogen.

Users input the pounds of food waste and/or grass clippings they have available and then select from dry tree leaves or newspaper as their high-carbon source. "Compost" suggests an appropriate amount of leaves or newspaper to use.

Update: Version 1.2 fixes a typo, upgrades to iPhone OS 3.0 and adds updated screenshots to iTunes.

Update: Version 1.1 allows users to select between kilograms or pounds in the Settings application.

Developed in partnership with the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA), "NC/SC Farm" allows iPhone owners in North and South Carolina to find the closest farms, farmers markets, restaurants, and/or coffee shops offering food from local farmers.

Listings by category or keyword search can be done using the built-in GPS, or by zip code or city. Organic or CFSA membership can be used as search criteria. Results can be filtered by the method of sale: wholesale, direct to consumer, u-pick farms, CSAs, online sales and mail order.

The app contains all the data needed; results are fast and not dependent on internet connectivity.

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NC/SC Farm uses tab bar icons by Joseph Wain /, under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License

Community Contribution

Open Source:

Unicode is %#$! hard. A patch to allow for creating CloudFront invalidations against non-ascii filenames.

Amazon::CloudFront::Thin — minor bugfix to module & test case so this module will work and cleanly install. Time zones are a pain! See Pull Request

Net::Stripe, the Perl module for integrating the Stripe Payments system. NacreData owner Devin has contributed to the rejuvenation of this project. You can view the NacreData branch, and also see that Devin has been added as a contributor to the main branch as well.

Dropdown-Doubletap: A trivial patch to this very useful project. The project alters the behavior of Bootstrap's dropdown menus to allow the tap on a menu item to show submenus and the second to follow the link for that menu item itself. Our patch updates the project to Bootstrap 3.3.5.